Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Am I Not Normal?

I Have Many Friends That Care About Me BUT It seems like they dont understand me. im in my own little world. my parents are abusive and only let me go out like once a week. Im slowly growing apart. im failing my classes. Im not intrested in dating with guys or girls. in parties i lock myself in the bathroom or im THERE but not mentally only physically. Am i a freak?? Not Normal?? WHAT WRONG WITH ME?! Is this normal what im going through?? Please HELP!! thank you i would TRULY appreciate it

damn life

i dnt know wat to do with my life i am failure to my dad he is expecting me to do my best in my studies and finish it because i was just beimg supported by my aunts because of the fact that 2 years ago my mother died and we had financial crisis my dad cannot sustain my studies so we were just depending on the sisters of my mother to help us wth the tuition payment but then it seeems that the help we are recieving from wod end up because of the stupid thing i have than i had diserspected the daughter of my aunt and had answered her back,,,,i have dne it becos i nhad los my temper amd at thesame time my patience... its nt that i hate he but i dnt why she treats me like someone she really dont like nand sometime she would also treat me good.. i cann ot understand her.. sometyms shes showing me that if they were nt helping me there lyf wud be better so she woul like us to fade away in there life and rytnow i am vey afraid of the things that are going to happen when they get back...rytnow i feell like im waitng for the judge to declare that im guilty or not guilty.. and if im guilty i will not go to schooll anymore and ofcourse becuase of the hatred of my cousin to me she would create a very big scene nd that would make make my life a trotal disater.. sometimes i jus think of commiting suicide because i cant take it anymore but on the other side i cNET do it becuase i stl have lots of dreams....wat am i gonna do please do help me ......huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

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